10 Reasons Why Your Office Manager Shouldn’t Clean Your Workspace

Offices are a bustling working environment where staff often work around 40 hours per week. Therefore, it is important to keep the place clean and tidy- ensuring that the environment is nice to be around and sanitary, particularly when we are still dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many companies still rely on the office manager or office employees to keep the environment clean. However, this has its pitfalls. Hiring a professional cleaning company can make a positive impact on the whole office, making a difference in productivity levels and saving time and money… Let’s take a closer look!

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1. Cleaning Experience and Expertise

While a hard-working office manager may try their best, they will not be comparable to the years of experience that a reputable cleaning company will have. Any staff that work for a cleaning company will have received training, understand the products that they are using and have built up more knowledge through cleaning on the job. This ensures that every part of your office is cleaned properly and efficiently.

2. Increases Productivity

Hiring a professional cleaning company frees up time for the office staff who would previously be expected to clean. This gives them more time to concentrate on their work and provides them with a clean environment to focus and be more productive in.

Ultimately, if someone is working in an office in a space that is messy or cluttered, then they are less likely to be productive and complete their best work. According to a survey conducted in London, for example, 9/10 office workers actively felt more productive in a clean and tidy environment.

3. Saves Both Time and Money

If you are asking employees to take time to clean the office to an adequate standard, it is to be expected that it will take up a large chunk of their time, meaning that it will cost your business money as they are not working in their role. This time could be utilized more productively to generate a profit for your business instead of cleaning. While hiring a professional cleaning company will have an initial cost, it will save employees time and money in the long run.

4. Creates a Healthier Environment

Employees that are doing their best to clean offices may not have the appropriate training required to properly disinfect and clean the office environment. Over time, despite their best efforts, bacteria may build-up- which can impact the staff’s health. If staff are unwell, they may take days off, costing the company money in sick pay or temporary staff.

Professional cleaning services will use products that kill harmful germs and bacteria and will keep on top of cleaning to ensure that the environment is always sanitary and hygienic. This is especially important in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which reminded us how quickly viruses and bacteria can spread.

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5. Increases Workplace Morale

By not asking office managers and office staff to undertake cleaning responsibilities and instead hiring it out to professional cleaners, staff feel more valued. This further shows staff that you want to invest time in making them feel more comfortable by improving their environment.

6. Professional Cleaning Products and Equipment

In addition to bringing in their skills and experience, a professional cleaning company can also bring industrial cleaning products and equipment that is better than the standard products that appear on supermarket shelves. This ensures that your office is cleaned to the highest of standards and any surface that is shared by multiple people is appropriately disinfected.

Many professional cleaning companies have now also switched to environmentally-friendly products which are not only effective but are kinder to the environment. This helps reduce businesses’ carbon footprint and commitment to the planet.

7. Good Impressions on Clients or Customers

A working environment that frequently welcomes potential clients or customers should be finished and cleaned to a high standard in order to create a good first impression. Clients will look for companies that take pride in their surroundings, as this shows that they are likely to put the effort into their services. While office staff may be able to keep the office clean, a professional cleaning company will finish it to the highest of standards, impressing those who wish to invest in your business.

8. A Professional Cleaning Company Works Around Your Schedule

Offices often have long working hours and will have different requirements depending on the type of business that they are in. Fitting in time to clean around your work schedule can be difficult for employees. By hiring a cleaning company, they can listen to your needs and work around your schedule, arriving at a time that is most convenient for your company.

Professional cleaners can work with you to understand what the business’ particular needs are before creating a bespoke cleaning contract that suits your needs.

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9. Cleaning Companies Come with a Professional Contract

Hiring a professional cleaning company will ensure that your office is kept to a high cleaning standard. One way that this is guaranteed is that there will be a cleaning contract between your company and theirs. If the cleaning standards slip, a contract is in place to rectify the situation.
As part of their contract, many cleaners undertake regular training on products and health and safety issues. 

10. Employee Stress

Putting the burden of heavy office cleaning on staff members and office managers can be stressful. Staff will feel pressured, and this can have an impact on their mental health and their ability to work productively. Additionally, tension can build between employees if some are doing more cleaning than others or creating more mess than others which does not lead to a positive working environment.

Professional cleaning services take the stress of cleaning responsibilities away from staff, allowing them to focus on their job.

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