What we do

What we clean

In order to achieve a Healthy Environment we develop a custom Cleaning Maintenance Plan that is based on our customer’s needs and follows international health standards. Our cleaning and sanitization services include:

  • Surfaces and furniture
  • Deodorization
  • Carpet care
  • Floors
  • Re-stocking Supplies
  • High-touch points
  • Bathroom and kitchen disinfection
  • Garbage removal
  • Windows and interior glass
  • Wall fixtures

Products we use

Unlike other commercial cleaning and janitorial companies, we use environmentally friendly methodologies and all our products are Green Seal certified. All our products are non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, low level disinfectant and safe for our planet. No matter how big your facility is, we use a maximum of 6 litres of water and utilize bio-cleanser spectrum spray and microfiber cloth to clean deficient areas.

How we clean

Only 34% of near patient surfaces are actually clean in accordance with standards and policies set by health care experts. This implies risk for patient endangerment and demonstrates inefficient control and managerial governance of compliance to industry cleaning standards. Simple monitoring interventions have been proven to improve the thoroughness of cleaning from 40% to 82%.


Innovative Cleaning Solutions specializes in “Cleaning For Health” methodology and utilizes a unique 3 step process to give you Inspection, Verification and Resolution of cleanliness. The ICS cleaning process implements SystemSURE Plus, a cleaning verification and monitoring system, which identifies areas that require cleaning and helps reduce effort and labor costs (typically 90% of a cleaning budget) by continuously monitoring for a high standard of personnel performance.

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