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Even though the importance of disinfection is widely known and enforced in the healthcare industry, Canadians are still at risk of getting sick from improper infection control and unsanitary surfaces. In April 2018, over 4,600 patients from a Canadian healthcare centre were sent letters advising them to get tested for HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C due to improper infection control and prevention (SOURCE: Ottawa Public Health). The reduction of surface contamination through cleaning and disinfection is crucial for health and wellness centres trying to minimize the risk of causing an outbreak.

Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces are commonly considered the first defences against the threat of harmful microbes. In order to protect staff, customers, and clients, health and wellness centres need to hire knowledgeable cleaning professionals that understand the importance of sanitization and infection prevention. A properly cleaned wellness centre is not only one of the best ways to prevent infections, but it is also extremely good for business. In an industry that is based on health and wellness, protecting people’s health through cleaning is not only necessary, but imperative.

Improperly Cleaned Healthcare & Wellness Centres

When contaminated areas are not cleaned correctly, common illnesses like influenza and C. difficile will remain on surfaces for extended periods of time, creating the potential for people to develop these illnesses (SOURCE: S.H. Dalwadi, J.H. Simmonds). Even though sanitation can kill influenza on surfaces, it is still estimated to hospitalize 12,200 Canadians annually, and an expected 3,500 of these people die (SOURCE: The cleaning of high-touch areas would most likely play a large role in diminishing the amount Canadians affected by the influenza virus, and this same ideology can be applied to other illnesses that survive on surfaces for extended durations of time.

There are many high-touch surface areas that require frequent disinfecting in most health and wellness centres, such as (SOURCE: CMM Cleaning & Maintenance Management):

  • Doorknobs
  • Elevator buttons
  • Arms of reception area chairs
  • Stair railings
  • Restroom surfaces
  • Coffee pot handles
  • Water cooler handles

High-touch surfaces like those listed above can contain many different harmful microbes. If disinfection and cleaning of these critical areas does not occur, the following harmful microbes and pathogenic bacteria can be found on the contaminated surfaces (SOURCE: Curtis J. Donskey MD, S.H. Dalwadi, J.H. Simmonds):

  • Influenza A and B
  • Adenovirus
  • C. difficile
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Enterococcus
  • H. pylori
  • Acenatobacter sp
  • M. tuberculosis
  • S. pneumonia

With proper hygiene management, C. difficile was found to be reduced on surfaces by 48 percent (SOURCE: Michael Philips, MD). Although there are guidelines and policies in place for how healthcare-related environments should be cleaned and disinfected in Canada, there are no national standards to measure how clean things are (SOURCE: Levels of cleanliness in Canada are assessed on how clean things appear to be visually, which causes many businesses to ineffectively clean and sanitize their facilities. A proper way to identify harmful microbes is needed in order to properly clean, sanitize, and disinfect health and wellness centres.

People getting sick or infected with a disease is the worst possible unwanted effect of improperly surfaces, however; there are more things that can negatively impact your business as a result of poor cleaning and sanitation. Studies show that absenteeism of employees can be directly attributed to unclean and unsanitary working conditions (SOURCE: Kimberly-Clark Professional). Furthermore, a health and wellness centre that is not noticeably clean will not help to retain or attract new customers to the business. This could also lead to negative reviews, bad word of mouth, and potential lawsuits if people develop serious or life-threatening illnesses due to a lack of disinfection. Cleanliness only creates benefits for a business and can give you peace of mind in knowing you have a safe and healthy facility.

With the abundance of risks and dangers associated with improper cleaning, the best solution is to hire professional medical cleaners that follow strict procedures to ensure thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection of your health and wellness centre. Innovative Cleaning Solutions wants to unleash the potential of your business by ensuring cleanliness and sanitation standards are always met and exceeded.

How We Clean at ICS

Our goal has always been to provide the highest cleaning standard for businesses in British Columbia, while simultaneously utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning products that do not harm our planet. We understand that every health and wellness centre is different, which is why we develop a custom Cleaning Maintenance Plan that is based on the specific needs of our customers. Our expansive cleaning and sanitation services include:

  • Disinfection of Surfaces and furniture
  • Deodorization
  • Disinfection of High-touch (near patient) points
  • Floor care
  • Re-stocking supplies
  • Bathroom disinfection
  • Garbage removal
  • Windows and interior glass
  • Wall fixtures
  • Kitchen and Staff room

We ensure that all the cleaning products we use are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and Green Seal certified. In our efforts to conserve water, we also use only what is needed no matter how large a facility may be. We clean for the health of your staff, patients, customers, and our planet.

Our Cleaning Process

We follow a strict process “Cleaning for Health” methodology that utilizes a 3-step system to ensure your facility is left disinfected and ready for use. Our process includes a detailed inspection, a verification process, and finally a resolution that assures the full sanitation of your centre. Our 3-step process is as follows:

  1. UV Inspection – An ultraviolet inspection tool that assists in detecting and identifying contaminated areas of your clinic that have not been sufficiently cleaned.
  2. Verification – Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) detects the type of bacteria (to identify harmfulness) and the level of the bacteria in the environment.
  3. Resolution – Contaminated areas of your dental office are cleaned, and micro-organisms and volatile compounds are broken down using Bio-Technology cleaners that are safe for the environment.

We take pride in our system and are confident you will be left with a result that will ease your mind!

Our Mission

We believe that cleanliness and proper sanitation should be a reality for every business, and we want to make it a reality for you.