When patients go to a walk-in clinic the last thing they want to worry about is if the clinic is clean. You want to believe that the office is cleaned and sanitized without the worry of harmful micro-organism around you or your children. Because you go into a clinic in hopes to have a cure for your illness, not coming in and leaving with another one. What most clinics miss in their cleaning procedures

Cutting Corners: Most clinics have a set cleaning procedure, however over time it becomes inconsistent. In the case of walk-in clinics it’s always go go go (high paced). The employees have to quickly clean and prepare the room for the next patient, so over time that quick cleaning will turn into poor cleaning habits. Some clinics that are just starting off may not have a proper cleaning service. Many new clinics only know what they have been taught by others in the industry.

Ways staff may cut corners
    • lack of time to properly clean
    • not sticking to the proper cleaning standards
    • cleaning too quickly and missing what needs to be cleaned
    • When training employees they will be shown the fastest way to clean rather than the most effective and efficient ways.

High touch points: There are many things that we touch and we don’t think much about it. These include things like the doorknobs/handles, light switches, waiting room chairs, books or magazines in the waiting room, etc. Let’s take doorknobs and handles for example, if one person with contaminated hands touches the door handle, the bacteria will double its population every 20 minutes (Craddock). If the door handle is left contaminated the majority of the patients can have the virus on their hands which can lead to the spread of illnesses.

      Tips: Basic Standard Cleaning Procedures for Staff
      • floors should be clean after a day
      • waiting room chairs and kids toys should be disinfected daily and or after a ill
      • pick up any debris from floors
      • use medical grade disinfecting wipes to clean in between patients
      • place garbage and recycling accordingly
      • clean lunch/staff room after yourself
      • bathroom should be kept clean depending on the flow of patients
      • exam room tables can be covered with disposable paper and can be changed after each patient
      • medical equipment should be cleaned/sterilized after each use
      • hospital-grade disinfectant or disinfectant wipes can be used as a quick clean up in between patients if time is a factor

The patient that come into walk-in clinic does not have a booked appointment therefore staff cannot prepare for potential infectious spread of virus. If a clinic has a cleaning service they only clean before the clinic opens or after it has closed for the day. Therefore the clinics staff must be trained to maintain a clean environment during the day.

Cleanliness means more than just a clean work space. A clean workplace can promote infection control- decreasing the chance of disease spreading to staff and patients.

This can be achieved by having hand sanitizer dispensers and face-mask for both staff and patients at the entrance of the clinic and inside the exam rooms.

      According to a Cleaning Service Group a clean workplace can encourage
      • Increased focus
      • Lower stress levels
      • Less absenteeism
      • Customers appreciation
      • Increased profitability

In today’s world of business it is understood that busy is the word to describe a typical day. Having said this we see that many daily tasks go unfinished or neglected in many clinics. We offer clinics the opportunity to not have to worry about the daily task that go unfinished or neglected as we provide a service that takes the worry of cleanliness away from them and into our hands.

      • replace all garbage/recycling bags
      • refill consumables(paper products, hand soap)
      • Disinfect high touched points
      • disinfect washrooms
      • vacuum
      • organize and sanitize workstations and furniture
      • disinfect kitchen surfaces and appliances
      • mop floors
      • Vacuum surfaces with HEPA certified equipment will allow to eliminate any dust -left behind and airborne particles
      • High dusting- cleaning surfaces and fixture that are above shoulder height
      • Wipe walls and any soiled spots on a daily basis

We help getting your facilities ready to start fresh a new day

This information is to bring awareness of the importance of a clean health care facility for both staff and patients.

If you have any further questions about about how to maintain an exceptionally clean clinic? Get in touch with us at [email protected], We will be happy to help.

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