In today’s resourceful world, plenty of things are going to waste and or damaging the environment that is causing a serious global issues. We are going to show you how to have exceptionally clean office while still having a clean environmental footprint. This article will give you tips and fact about being sustainable in a workplace setting.

Why is it important to recycle properly ?
It is very important to dispose of recyclable properly; due to the fact if you improperly discard of objets it can have negative effects on the environment. This is because harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses will be release into the air if they end up in a landfill. Recycling is also important because of the fact resources can be reused which in time can reduce the energy needed to create brand new objects, this helps persevere natural resources.(source by

Tips on recycling
  • Conduct your own waste audit. this will help your organization gain a more of an understanding on waste management.
  • You should have a separate bin for organics items like plastic containers, when organic materials are stored in plastic containers is important to rinse before placing them on the recycling container mixed paper container, this is where everything related to paper can be placed
  • Organic waste container lined with compostable liners
  • Glass containers
  • batteries ( in case some of the equipment in your office requires single use batteries to run, it’s important to keep in mind that batteries are not treated as common waste and they need to be processed in a different way)
  • Electronics, they are usually accepted in recycling depots at no extra charge, its a good idea to make a trip to the recycling depot once you have old electronic equipment which only occupies valuable space in your office
  • Garbage liners, Tip to economize: in some cases they don’t need to be thrown away since they are in good shape and have not had any contact with organic waste
Items that can be recycled
  • E-waste
  • Light bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Printer cartridges
  • Cardboard
  • Pizza boxes
  • Aluminum cans & bottles
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Food scarps
  • Coffee grinds & tea bags
  • Cardboard sleeves from hot beverage cups
  • Compostable plates and cutlery

Water use
The most precious resource planet earth has without a doubt is water. Technology in the cleaning industry has evolved towards a more sustainable use of natural resources. The more water the cleaner is not an option in today’s world. Cleaning products as well as cleaning tools are being developed with one thing in mind, to minimize use of water while still being effective.


Bio-cleaning products are good for the environment
The BioPreferred program was signed into law in 2002, expanded in 2008, and expanded once again in 2012, this time by an executive order issued by President Obama. The goals of the program are to increase the purchase of bio-based products and their use in the manufacture of a wide variety of products from furniture to toiletries and cleaning supplies and to diminish the use of petroleum, used for making such items as cleaning chemicals.

Because these products are considered sustainable, many managers of privately owned and operated facilities are now also considering using bio-based cleaning products in place of conventional and green cleaning products.

Bio-based cleaners are derived from agricultural products such as corn, soybeans, and even coconuts. Although they are getting more attention today, the first patent for any bio-based product dates back to 1932. Many of these early products were designed for consumer use. But these products have gotten considerably more attention recently because of the growing influence of green cleaning in the professional cleaning industry and the BioPreferred program mentioned earlier.

Finally, we mentioned earlier that there is a subcategory of bio-cleaners known as bio-enzymatic cleaners. These are formulated with specific enzymes (a type of protein that breaks complex molecules into smaller pieces) and what are termed “good” bacteria that allow them to essentially digest soils. Bio-enzymatic cleaners have shown to be effective cleaning restrooms, locker rooms, and even carpets, and if they are green certified, they’re considered one of the safest cleaning products available.

DR 100- a phosphate free, ph neutral, concentrated cleaner and disinfectant this was made for any surface that is essential to clean and disinfect. Nu-kleen smell- is a concentrated biotechnological all surface restroom cleaner, it leaves a long lasting bacterial flora that will eliminate any foul scent.

Products listed above are manufactured in Canada and used by Innovative Cleaning Solutions. We train all our staff on how to properly use this products to provide the best cleaning service for your organization.

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