When you go to the optometrist the last eyesore you want to see is an unclean office. Therefore the college of optometry of British Colombia has set up a cleaning procedure. However there’s always room for mistakes, where minor details can be missed or forgotten the can later lead to bigger problems. It’s important for each office to throughly go thru their procedure to ensure that all measures are met, and that all employees are to be trained effectively upon hiring. Although during a busy work day minor details can be missed by employees and this can cause future problems if its not dealt with immediately.

The cleaning procedure for an Optometrist office consists of using non-abrasive cleaners and scent free cleaners on any surface that the public/patients will have access to. These surfaces include the following; waiting room chairs, door knobs/handles, display cabinets and items in cabinets such as glasses frames, sunglasses and the communal bathroom. Exam rooms include exam chair, head and chin rest. Instruments used during the exam which include occluders, eye shield and any glass lenses used in the examination.


Items to be discarded after each exam include

  • discard Single-use, sterile, silicone applanation tonometer shields
  • discard any hazardous material into the proper biohazard bins

Here at innovative cleaning solution we will make sure that all your cleaning needs are done properly and effectively We take this worry away from our clients with our unique cleaning and disinfection systems and specialized technicians. What our services consists of

  • replace all garbage/recycling bags
  • refill consumables(paper products, hand soap)
  • Disinfect high touched points
  • disinfect washrooms
  • vacuum
  • organize and sanitize workstations and furniture
  • disinfect office surfaces and appliances
  • mop floors
  • Vacuum surfaces with HEPA certified equipment will allow to eliminate any dust -left behind and airborne particles
  • High dusting- cleaning surfaces and fixture that are above shoulder height
  • Wipe walls and any soiled spots on a daily basis

It is generally expected that when you and the patient, enter the room for your exam, that it is meeting all the health standards. It tends not to be a matter that crosses our minds, but maybe it should be. Especially in a doctors office where people come in sick, and have their heads touching the same equipment as you. Or when any type of equipment touches your face, you would expect it to be clean for you. This is part of the staffs responsibility to keep you safe and healthy and to ensure that your visit was as easy as possible.

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